Apple to shut down its download section -> Why I’m not submitting to the App store

I suspected this step was coming. Since Apple is making a push to get people into its new App Store for OS X, it is shutting down its download section. This is decidedly bad news and depending on how it affects the market, it may mark the end of my development for the Mac platform. We’ll have to wait and see.

Why not just add my apps to the app store then?

I use Java for much of my development

I really do prefer to work with Java vs using an old language like Objective-C that is limited in so many ways. Apple has cut off access for developers like me who don’t want to use their “approved” APIs.

Apple Takes a 30% cut

This commission seems a little high… Of course it depends if the app store generates more sales to make up for the commission.

I don’t want ALL of my upgrades and transactions going through the app store

Apple dictates that all updates and license keys must be managed through their store using their API. This ensures that apple gets their cut of any transaction….

I still want to be able to distribute my apps to Windows and Linux users

I don’t have the man power to rewrite all of my apps from the ground up for every platform. Mac’s Approved APIs don’t lend themselves easily to distribution on Windows and Linux where many of my users reside. This is, of course, a business decision by Apple to try to lock users in to ensure that most software is “Mac Only”.

I am extremely disheartened by the direction that Apple is taking with OS X. I truely hope that the App store is a failure so that the market, if nothing else, can reign them in.

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