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Random movie comments

The Heart of the Game

Saw a pretty good documentary on Wednesday called "The Heart of the Game".  It followed Seattle’s Roosevelt highschool’s girls basketball team through 4 or 5 seasons capturing the drama and hardships that go along with competitive highschool sports.  It was amazing to me that they were able to get all of this great footage, since, when the filming began, there was no way to know that this coach and group of girls would achieve such great things and go through such great adversity.

King Kong

Watched the new King Kong movie last night.  It was actually pretty good.  My only complaint was that it seemed a little long.  It definitely succeeded at being a heart-wrenching tragedy, though.  Excellent sound too.

Interesting seeing Jack Black in a "villain" role.  He is such a likeable guy that the self-serving movie-maker was still likeable at the end – after all the dust had settled on the corpse of the kong.