Posthumously discovering JavaFX

It turns out that JavaFX is actually kind of cool. Sun had been pushing it to no avail for over 2 years before Oracle finally pulled the plug (sort of .. they’re killing the language and porting it to Java), but they seemed to do a lousy job of making it seem relevant.

Now that it is dead, I have gone back over the docs for a final look and have discovered that it actually looks kind of cool. Being able to lay out 3d objects in a scene graph, apply transformations and animations to any branch; binding variables to one another to keep them in sync. It actually makes for a nice system.

The problem is that I’m having trouble forming a complete picture of where I can use my JavaFX apps. They say it’s for all the screens of your life, but with no iPhone, no Android, limited to no Mac support, I’m not sure what I’m left with. I’ve seen the odd reference to Blackberry support, but nothing definitive yet.

A shame, really.

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