Dataface Coming Along

Dataface is coming along slowing but surely.  It is still only publicly available via sourceforge CVS but it is growing in features.  I played around with soap a little over the holidays and have begun to build a Web service interface.  Next on the slate is Dataface Desktop Edition !!  Watch out filemaker, open source just got a whole lot better!

One thought on “Dataface Coming Along”

  1. Steve,

    I just had a look at the Dataface project on FreshMeat, and immediately thought, “Filemaker!”

    So I did a search on your name with the word “filemaker” and presto…

    This is exciting! I have been looking for a web-based FileMaker equivalent for… well, for quite a while. If Dataface gets even halfway there, and if it works reliably, that would be fantastic.

    I applaud your effort.

    Best regards,


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