Happy New Year

OK.. so I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts.  Here’s one for the new year 2006.  I spent boxing day through January 1st in Calgary with my girlfriend’s family.  It was nice and relaxing.  Didn’t really even notice the cold.  I did, have to endure the airplane from hell, however.  (A short ‘aside’ – I this was my very first plane travel experience). — on the last 20 minutes or so of the flight home was like riding a roller coaster blind. 

By God’s grace I survived and did not throw up (although my breakfast was beginning to surface in the back of my throat.  At one point I even yelled out "Holy f**k!" when the plane hit some major turbulence.   From now on, call me BA Baracas and tranquilize me before stepping on the plane.

Back at work now for another semester of web development and mathematics studies.  I will be taking Math 443 (Combinatorial Theory) and Math 439 (Algebraic Systems) this semester.  Looks interesting …

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