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    After much deliberation, I have decided to use dhtmlXGrid to develop a portal widget for Dataface.  This will improve the usability of Dataface for complex data sources dramatically.  Among other reasons, I have chosen dhtmlXGrid because:

 <ol>   <li>It is available under GPL.</li>     <li>It seems really cool!! and polished.</li>   </ol>     <p>My initial observations are:</p>   <ol>  <li>Documentation and examples seem to be quite good and mature.</li>   <li>There doesn't seem to be a forum or mailing list available.</li>   <li>I am only using the Standard edition.&nbsp; The enterprise edition is not open source.&nbsp;</li>  </ol>   <p>One of the things that I like about this component is that you can load it with XML.&nbsp; This should make it relatively easy to define dataface actions that just output XML that is compatiblle with a the grid.&nbsp; I am stuck in a couple of spots, however.</p> <ol> <li>I can't see how to define como-boxes and select lists using XML.&nbsp; There are examples using javascript to programatically define them (which is okay), but I would rather do everything from XML.</li> <li>.. okay only one thing right now...&nbsp;</li> </ol> <p>I will scour the source code a little bit more and will probably end up emailing the company who makes it to ask about this one.. as it is pretty important.</p><p>The lack of a forum or community provisions seems a little limiting.&nbsp; I feel inclined to set up my own &quot;fan&quot; community site for this, if I begin using it a lot.</p><p>&nbsp;More on this later when I have some results.<br /></p>

Dataface 0.5.2 released

I have added a Javascript calendar widget to Dataface for editing DATE and DATETIME fields. I have also fixed some issues involved with running Dataface on a shared host in safe mode. These changes are part of version 0.5.2. Check out the latest in Dataface at

On a side note, I have been very happy with the response for Dataface since releasing it to the public on February 28th. I have received a number of comments from developers around the world saying that they really like the software. It is exciting to be able to contribute something useful to the developer community and I hope that I can continue to contribute. I would love to turn Dataface into a household name, but for now I’ll setting for the slow and steady increase in awareness that seems to be happening right now.

Also, I have to express my amazement at the power of Every time I release a new version and post it on, I get an influx of 300 hits or so, and a large amount of downloads. In addition, it seems to pop up all over the internet on other websites that show freshmeat’s new releases. Freshmeat is an awsome solution for open-source software promotion.