Dataface 0.5.2 released

I have added a Javascript calendar widget to Dataface for editing DATE and DATETIME fields. I have also fixed some issues involved with running Dataface on a shared host in safe mode. These changes are part of version 0.5.2. Check out the latest in Dataface at

On a side note, I have been very happy with the response for Dataface since releasing it to the public on February 28th. I have received a number of comments from developers around the world saying that they really like the software. It is exciting to be able to contribute something useful to the developer community and I hope that I can continue to contribute. I would love to turn Dataface into a household name, but for now I’ll setting for the slow and steady increase in awareness that seems to be happening right now.

Also, I have to express my amazement at the power of Every time I release a new version and post it on, I get an influx of 300 hits or so, and a large amount of downloads. In addition, it seems to pop up all over the internet on other websites that show freshmeat’s new releases. Freshmeat is an awsome solution for open-source software promotion.

2 thoughts on “Dataface 0.5.2 released”

  1. looks great.
    will try it out.
    is their an email function btw?
    i’d like to have database inserts emailed to an address, or at least an alert.

    nice job.

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