Rogers/Fido Redemption

In my previous post, I described a situation where my wife was overcharged for transferring from Fido to Rogers in 2009. I spoke to both Rogers and Fido customer support at multiple levels and was told that because the overcharge was too long ago they were unwilling to refund it. I filed a complaint with the Rogers Presidents office and was told that they would not refund the money because it was Fido who had originally charged it and it was too long ago. Finally I filed a complaint with the CCTS but their investigation found that it was outside of their mandate because the overcharge was too long ago.

I cancelled our Rogers accounts and moved to a different provider, swearing to never deal with Rogers or any of their companies again.


Today we received a refund cheque from Rogers for $560. There was no explanation of the refund with the cheque, but I phoned customer support and they confirmed that it was a refund for the 2009 overcharge.

I am pleased that in the end the company did the right thing. It is unfortunate that they took so long to come to this conclusion, and in the mean time I was forced to cancel my account. However, with this gesture, they have redeemed themselves to the extent that I am willing to lift my personal ban on dealing with Rogers in the future. The next time I’m looking for services in which Rogers is one of the providers, I will be willing to consider becoming their client again.

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