So Steve’s leaving us…. but is he really?

I received my November issue of Mac Life in the mail yesterday. It includes an article on Steve Jobs entitled “Steve’s Gone… Now What?”. It went over some of the Wall Street reaction to his “leaving” and recapped some of the accomplishments and qualifications of his successor, Tim Cook. The article conveyed optimism for Apple’s future and didn’t seem to dwell too much on its founder’s demise. It wasn’t until I reached this second article that I realized that I was reading tragically old news hot off the press:

“So Steve’s leaving us … but is he really?”, the article began.

Hmmm.. Uh yes.. pretty sure he’s really leaving.

Then the next line cleared up the conflict of context:

“What does it mean to switch from being CEO to Chairman of the Board?”

Ah .. that explains it.

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