Replacing Scriptaculous/Prototype with jQuery

I have used Scriptaculous in the past to sprinkle little bits of UI magic into Xataface. Specifically, I have used it to add collapsible sections, sortable sections (via drag-and-drop), and sortable tables (also via drag and drop). These worked great! The Scriptaculous library was a bit bulky and it made the initial page load time a little bit longer, but the result was worth it.

Unfortunately I have started to run into problems with Scriptaculous interfering with other scripts on the page. Scriptaculous is built on the Prototype.js library which adds a number of handy methods and attributes to the built-in javascript types, like objects, arrays, DOM Elements, and strings. As a proof of concept, this is great as it shows off the dynamic features of the javascript programming language. However this can cause problems with scripts that count on the results of the default behavior of these built-in types.

For example, I have made use of Kevin van Zonneveld’s php.js library which provides pure javascript implementations of familiar PHP functions. One such function is count() which is supposed to return the number of elements in a PHP array. In Javascript, this function can either take objects or arrays as a parameter in order to provide the closest possible behavior to its PHP counterpart. Essentially, all this function does is count the number of elements in the array (or object) and return the result as an integer. Unfortunately, after including the Prototype.js library, all objects now have a number of default properties and methods whether you want them or not because they are added to Object.prototype. This effectively breaks the count() function and I can’t see a viable way to work around the problem other than removing Prototype.js from the mix.

Why does prototype.js break the count() function?

Take the following example:

var o = {0 : 'a', 1: 'b', 2: 'c'};
count(o); // should return 3 but with Prototype.js installed it returns 25

This returns the wrong result because Prototype.js adds a number of methods and properties to all objects in the system, so the count() function must count these also.

jQuery to the Rescue

Luckily there is another library that does everything that I have been using Scriptaculous/Prototype.js for: jQuery. It is leaner and less intrusive. It doesn’t change any of the underlying types and it still provides the drag-and-drop sorting of sections, and collapsing/expanding of sections. And in most cases it provided a cleaner, faster solution than was required with Scriptaculous.

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