Internet Media Manager

I was tired of having to resize my images before uploading them to the web. I also wanted to be able to host more video on my website in a simple way. So I created an application to manage and serve all of my videos and images – Internet Media Manager.

Now I manage all of my media from a central location, and I can easily embed images and video into any of my web pages by copying and pasting a snippet of code.

Here is a brief guided tour: (this video is hosted using the Internet Video Manager):

Some notable features that are included:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) integration for hosting video files. I want to host video but I don’t want it bogging down my server. Since Amazon S3 is so cheap and has such amazing capacity, it makes sense to store all of my video files on Amazon. The Internet Video Manager can be set up to automatically move all video files to my S3 account so that I can host video without worry.
  • Embeddable links – Images, videos, and photo galleries in the system can be embedded into any web page by copying and pasting snippets of HTML code.
  • Image resizing and processing – You can select the image size for embedding and the server will automatically resize the image.
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