Why I don’t recommend using GoDaddy for Hosting

This has come up a few times now on the Xataface forum. Users write into the forum because their Xataface application has stopped working — or at least everything except the homepage has stopped working. They report errors like “Connection reset” in their browser, or simply a blank white page. Their PHP error log is empty, and their access log also is devoid of any evidence that any HTTP requests have even occurred.

The cause:

GoDaddy’s mod_security settings. In particular, their rule that any HTTP request where the query string begins with a hyphen (“-“) will be blocked. This causes lots of problems for Xataface because it uses a convention that many of the query parameters must begin with a hyphen.

Here is a simple test to see what I mean (if you use GoDaddy).

Create a simple PHP script named hello.php with the following contents:

echo "hello world";

Then copy it to your GoDaddy server and try to access this script in your web browser at

It should display “hello world” as you expect. Now try adding a query string to the URL that begins with a hyphen:

This request will fail. Either your browser will hang or you will just receive a connection reset error.

From experience, if you try to contact GoDaddy support to explain the problem, they will suggest that it is a problem with your code and will deny that they are blocking requests. I have heard reports from 3 or 4 people who have gone through this process. Ultimately they end up having to find different hosting.

There are lots of good, low cost, shared hosting providers out there that provide good service without having to deal with intrusive filtering like this. Personally, I’ve had pretty good luck with Dream host, but there are countless out there that should work fine. I do understand the value in trying to block malicious HTTP requests, but there is nothing malicious about a hyphen.

GoDaddy may not be the only host with this restriction. I encourage you to try the hello world litmus test from this article on your host before getting to comfortable with them. If they are blocking requests like that, and are unwilling to remove the filter, you don’t want to waste your time with them.

Shape up, GoDaddy!

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