Ingredients required to port HTML/Javascript App to JavaFX

I have been taking in as many JavaFX talks during Java One as I can. I’m keen to move some of my development from LAMP/HTML5 to LAMP/JavaFX (Yes.. still not ready to move into the JavaEE space – though PLAY makes it compelling).

The Scene Builder application, complete with its powerful CSS support, looks like it will make the UI portion of app development quite easy. In fact, I suspect it may even improve my productivity over my existing HTML development.

The one piece that I’m concerned about is the HTTP client for consuming the LAMP web service. In Javascript you get quite a bit for free, but the two biggest are:

  1. Sessions/Auth are automatically retained.
  2. AJAX calls and conversion to/from JSON is automatic.

To replicate the functionality in a JavaFX app, I suppose I need to embed an HTTP Client object of some kind to maintain all of the session information and allow me to load JSON data sets from the server in a simple manner. At the “JavaFX for Business App Developers” talk, the speaker used Jersey in is example application to consume an XML web service. The Jersey website makes it sound like it can also be used to consume JSON web services. Will have to give it a try.

Another option, which I’ve yet to try, is to actually embed a Web Engine into the app for dealing with AJAX calls. This is either a very good idea, or a very bad one. I would be concerned about such things as performance, and security restrictions that may exist inside the web box.

I’ll post again with my findings.

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