Ran across IFTPd (http://iftpd.sourceforge.net/)today and installed it on my westhost server.  This is great because I can run it on my virtual private server and create accounts for multiple users giving them access to exactly what they need access to.  It has a simple mechanism for defining groups and users, allowing you to create virtual file systems for the users and groups to work on. 

The default FTP daemon on my server was a little more difficult to work with, confining users to only their home ftp directory.  This is insufficient when there are multiple group projects under way.

IFTPd is also written entirely in Java and is distributed with all dependencies, so getting it running was a snap.

Still looking for a similar product for SSH, but for now, this works GREAT! 


One thought on “IFTPd”

  1. I’ve been using iFTPd for a few months and I’m really impressed with it. I’ve began working on a plguin interface for it but I haven’t had time to finish it yett.

    I’m hoping more people will discover iFTPd and help edward to develop it!

    Btw if you have any questions/problems regarding iFTPd I’ve set up a forum for iFTPd at: http://www.unlogic.se

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