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Posts about software development. Generally I use Java, PHP, and Python for development but occasionally I delve into other things as well.

Dataface Coming Along

Dataface is coming along slowing but surely.  It is still only publicly available via sourceforge CVS but it is growing in features.  I played around with soap a little over the holidays and have begun to build a Web service interface.  Next on the slate is Dataface Desktop Edition !!  Watch out filemaker, open source just got a whole lot better!

PHP User Management

Tonight I am working on adding a flexible permissions system to my PHP application ‘Dataface’.  I have a predisposition towards using PEAR classes where I can so naturally I decided to try LiveUser.  Unfortunately the documentation is scarce, and all but to-the-point.  I was, however impressed with this short article ( that cuts to the chase on how to set up Live User.  I recommend this one to anyone looking for User management in a PHP application.